Monday, May 5, 2014

Manga-Mania May: MxO

Taiga Kuzumi have failed the test to attend the Seinagi Private High School. Skulking around the school, he is mistaken for a student who ditch class, and is dragged into the school-ground by a teacher. Taiga now discover that the school is actually not just a highly privileged private school, but also a school of magic.
The teacher is now in trouble. Since he brought a not-magical person into the school, and therefor revealed it's secret, he must now be fired, after Taiga's memory have been erased. None of the two wish this, so the principle have another solution that will benefit both of them: Taiga will become a student at Seinagi. The teacher will therefor not be fired, and Taiga will get the chance to obtain magical abilities, if he is lucky.
But until he learn to do so, he must act as if he actually have magical powers, so he wont be exposed and kicked out of the school. And the chances of keeping low profile is at the size at snowballs in hell, since he quickly gets a reputation as a genius student. This situation is around as easy as pretending to be good at playing Magic The Gathering in a room full of players, when all you have is a empty deck-box!
It's plot is centered around the classic "kids go to a magic school kept away from normal society" story, but with a fun twist with the poor, magic-less Taiga, who must live in constant fear of being exposed. It may seam a little slow to begin with, but as you read on, you notice how well the story develops due to the great supporting cast and uniqueness it brings to the "magic-school" genera.
A lot of manga has the problem that the growing cast eventually starts to strangle the story(such as "My Bride Is A Mermaid", witch we will get to eventually) but not here. I honestly dont remember a single character that felt forced, completely unnecessary or without any kind a charm(heh, charm). It doesn't feel like a bunch of stereotypes crammed into the series, but a well-balanced cast of great characters. But it can REALLY be a turn-of if you feel that there a simply to many characters to care about and who haven't been developed probably *coff coff Naruto coff*
The story and illustrations are both made by the awesome Yasuhiro Kano, whom I have become a fan of after his one-shot manga Akazukin Eliza, witch I recently wrote a review of (the one with Red Hood and worms). I find it very odd that this series haven't been translated, and must therefor inform you that it can therefor not be brought with English text. But it is available as many sites where you can read it for free, so give it a go, it's good stuff.

That's all for today, 26 to go.
I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

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