Monday, May 26, 2014

Manga-Mania May: Mahou no Iroha.

Naoki is pretty much your standard loser: He looks kinda plain, sucks at sport at a level that has made him a legend, and stay up late at night to play online-games.
All that change when he meet Iroha, his daughter from the future. She has traveled back in time by the use of magic(witch has been invented in the future) in order to save her father from himself. Naoki is going to(20 years from now) become a tyrant duo to his unhappy youth, and will also be executed after being thrown of the throne. Iroha believes that she can save her father by making sure that he will grow up happy, and she is ready to use every single magical girl trick she has.
Kazurou, you crazy son of a gun, you have done it again!!!
This is yet again a very weird, but also very well-working manga made by Inoue Kazurou, the creator of Midori Days and Ai Kora, and quite possibly his weirdest story so far. Unfortunately, it's also very short, witch is a shame, since I believe it had potential for way more story than 3 books. I love this very weird father/daughter relationship, where Naoki constantly has to remind himself that Iroha is his daughter from the future, even though she is a really cute girl around his age, but that is difficult when his daughter wants to sleep in his bed and take baths with him.
This is my first time with a "magical girls" series. We didn't have Sailor Moon in my country(or maybe I missed the memo, but I doubt it) and after being the kid who read D.N.Angel instead of Dragon Ball, I tried to compensate for this in my late teen-years with a "fuck that shit, I have BALLS" attitude toward it. But two of my female friend have told me that I should give the genre a chance, so I will do that(even though the one of them wont give Blood Lad a go).
The art-style, storytelling and humor is, as it always is in Kazurou's mangas, brilliant, but the shortness is rather irritating. I hope that one day, there will be a anime based on it, and that the story could be a little longer.
That's all for now, 6 to go.
I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

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