Friday, May 30, 2014

Manga-Mania May: Kagami No Kuni No Harisugawa.

Tetsu has for many years been in love with his best friend Mao, but he does not dare tell her, afraid that it would create an awkward atmosphere between them. But one day, after Mao has brought an old mirror, Tetsu manege to save her from being hit by a car. Tetsu survive, but only because he was trapped inside Mao's mirror, that apparently is cursed. After a talk with a local fortuneteller with expertise in magic mirrors, they learn that the mirror traps people who are in love, but haven't confessed their love yet. The only way to get out is by successfully confessing to whoever you are in love with, but if the answer is no, or fake for that matter of fact, the mirror's prisoner will die.
... Ever thought about how much love sucks in manga? It traps you inside mirrors, replace your right hand with girls, turn you into a sexy adult(it's not as great as it sounds), and if you actually manege to get a girlfriend without too much trouble, then she is either a gang-lord or a freaking monkey! (read the review of "Snow In The Dark" to get this reference) Seriously, what the hell, man?!
Kano is the writer of this series that had WAY to much potential for only three books. Apparently, Kano had to make it way shorter than planned because of it was canceled, witch is a shame. But even though it's nowhere near his masterpiece "MxO", it's still a enjoyable read. As always, Kano's artwork is great, and his story is full of cute and funny moments. But since it could have done allot more than it did, I cant give it B, even if the writer is not to blame. But I will give it C+.
And thus ends Manga-Mania May. I hoped you got some ideas for future reading, and I would like to say thanks for the recommendations, and sorry I couldn't review all of them. I think I will take a serious break from mangas now, since a whole month with them was kinda tiring, and I want to read some superhero-comics now. I also have to plan my 1 year anniversary and take care of my exams.
I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

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